My research [1], teaching [2], and mentoring [3]; see my publications:

[1]  In my research I use methods of electronic structure calculations to investigate the role of metals in biology, proteins and nucleotides in particular; at right: chemical, structural, and functional  changes in the molybdopterin active
site of xanthine dehydrogenase, EC, postulated on basis of MP4//MP2/HF calculations

 the enzyme         the cofactor               a reaction model

O2 generation under light [2]  In bio labs I teach biology through experiment, like measuring and analyzing the CO2 and O2 gas exchange with plants when teaching about photosynthesis and respiration (left), and recording and analyzing students' own electrocardiograms (EKG) when teaching about the human heart and blood circulation (right) EKG heart rate

[3] Students are great research collaborators: in this reaction (scheme), my students tested the ability of aromatic derivatives to scavenge solvated electrons and found a good agreement with the de/activating power of resident groups; on basis of these results we proposed a systemic method for preventing a popular procedure for synthesis of illicit drugs