Peter's education, reverse order:

The Ohio state University,
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Computer Science Department:
Software engineering courses in
object-oriented programming
(no degree conferred)

The OSU flag

RBI: Basic and Applied Science

University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
(World 500-Universities ranked)
 "Rudjer Bošković" Institute (RBI)
Department of Physical Organic Chemistry:
Dr. Sci. in Chemistry
Thesis: Non-classical Aromaticity
(Dr. Nenad Trinajstić, advisor)
Yale University Graduate School
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Department of Chemistry:
M.S. in Chemistry
Thesis: Asparaginase Kinetics
(Dr. Julian Sturtevant, advisor)

Yale University Chemistry Department

Luminol in DMSO/H2O

University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo,
Bosnia & Herzegovina (Yugoslavia)
Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences
Department of Chemistry
B.S. in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Thesis: Chemiluminescence in DMSO
(Dr. Zdravko Pujić, advisor)